Has an area of 347 m2 of floor with a rear yard of 200m2.

It has been home of two generations of one family. It has always housed inside a lot of people and intends to continue doing restoration.

The house has been renovated, including the interior, even down to the smallest detail, while maintaining the original structure of the house and its architectural style.

It mixes old and comfortable with traditional media today (full kitchen with cooker, bath and shower, wireless internet and computer ...) The house has two floors: a ground floor and first floor which has three bedrooms with sloping ceilings double, two singles and a "Suite", two bathrooms and a toilet and more than three hundred square meters of common areas, comfortable lounge, large kitchen with a fireplace, reading room, wide receiver and Castilian patio with a porch of 80 m2 , barbecue, garden and wood stove..

Information & Reservations

For more information on CASA Mudayyan or want to make a reservation you can contact us by email or by calling 635499771, 655334096.

To book must you enter 30% of the price agreed in the current account you will be given the details of. On arrival at the house you will pay the remaining 70% plus 100 euros as a deposit. You will be required to sign the admission document which shall includes agreeing to comply with the rules of use of the house, assuming the obligation to leave the house in the same condition as you found it, any damage during you visit must be payed for.

1. The only people that can stay in the house are those appearing on the form of occupation, unless authorized by management.

2. Pets are allowed in public areas of the ground floor of the house, never in the second floor or in the bedrooms.

3. Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and on the second floor of the house.

4. The chimney can only be used as the heating medium, never for cooking.

5. Departure must be at 12 hours, at the lastest.

6. There is an inventory of household items, which will be delivered to customers upon arrival and checked on departure. Breakage, loss or theft of any object in the house will be paid for by the customer.

7. The occupants may not engage in unhealthy, noxious, dangerous or illegal activities while in the house.

In the event of cancellation the amount paid for the reservation will be returned in the following percentages:

Date of cancellation % Refund
15 days before arrival 100 %
Between 15 and 7 days before 50%
With 7 or fewer days before 0%

Currently available occupancy

Casa Mudayyan (10 persons)

---- Free

---- Weekend

---- Fully

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Photographic gallery

Main entrance & lounge


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Kitchen & Baths


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Leisure & Entertainment


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